Isabelle Guyon

Director, Research Scientist, Google Brain (just started, Oct 3 2022!)

Chaired Professor of Artificial Intelligence (PR EX1) and INRIA researcher, Machine Learning and Optimization (TAU team), Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Sciences du Numérique (LISN) University Paris-Saclay, France

Graduate of ESPCI. PhD in Paris in Gerard Dreyfus' Lab. Worked at Bell Labs for 7 years, then moved to Berkeley, California. Three children with Bernhard Boser. Independent consultant with ClopiNet

Since 2015, Full Professor at Université Paris-Saclay:  Teaching Machine Learning and advising graduate students. 2019-2021, coordinator of CS Artificial Intelligence master program at UPSaclay.

Co-program chair of NeurIPS 2016 and co-general chair of NeurIPS 2017. [what the press says]; then NeurIPS board member. AMIA and an ELLIS fellow. Action editor at JMLR, and CiML springer series editor. BBVA award recipient (2020).

President of ChaLearn

Bear Valley, California

501(c)(3) non-profit organizing challenges

Since 2003 machine learning challenge organizer. Using challenges as a means of directing research in domains including: causality, computer vision, automatic machine learning, and high energy physics.

ChaLearn collaborates with the open-source Codalab competitions project , of which I am community lead.

We received a large EU grant to organize the 2 million Euro See.4C challenge with data from RTE. The winners have been announced. We also co-organized the AI for Industry challenge with Dassault Aviation funded by Région Ile-de-France.

Our current projects include Looking at People,  TrackML, Meta-Learning challenges, and Learning to run a Power Network, and systematic bias in computer vision, medical data, and High Energy Physics (HEP).

March 2023:  Exposition Femmes de Sciences, 140 ans de l'ESPCI. [Image credit: Anthony Thornton.]

December 2022: NeurIPS keynote on datasets and benchmarks: How ML is becoming an experimental science. [Image credit: Dall-E]

August 2022: We received with Lawrence Berkeley Labs a grant of 6.4 million USD to develop benchmarks in High Energy Physics and implement them on Codabench. [Image credits: X-ray by NASA/CXC/PSU/L.Townsley et al; Optical by UKIRT; Infrared by NASA/JPL-Caltech]

October 2021:  Interview by the Spanish national newspaper ABC.  Ya existe una ‘superinteligencia humana’ y eso no nos asusta.

We are starting a new ANR Artificial Intelligence Chaire

April 2020: AutoDL challenge design and results (NAS workshop @ ICLR 2020) [SLIDES] ( Talk in Google drive good resolution OR [Youtube part I] [Youtube part II] ). A SERIES sponsored by ChaLearn, Google, 4Paradigm. We participated to the Jean Zay grand challenge (1000 GPU super-computer).


Avril 2018 - Article dans Le Monde:  Isabelle Guyon veut democratiser l'intelligence artificielle. [Image credit: Marion Berrin]


The invention of SVMs

 (the story)

National Academy of Sciences

March 2019: Sackler Coloquium of the Science of Deep Learning. A presentation of the work done in collaboration with RTE France to help predict the flow of electricity in the French power grid.

Academie des Sciences

November 2018: La Science Hors Murs. I was invited to talk about my journey as challenge organizer and how to organize contests of contests.