Isabelle Guyon

Chaired Professor of Big Data and INRIA researcher

Machine Learning and Optimization (TAU team)

Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI) University Paris-Saclay, France

Graduate of ESPCI. PhD in Paris in Gerard Dreyfus' Lab. Worked at Bell Labs for 7 years, then moved to Berkeley, California. Three children with Bernhard Boser. Independent consultant with ClopiNet.

Since 2015, Full Professor at Université Paris-Saclay: Teaching Machine Learning and advising graduate students. Since 2019, coordinating the CS Artificial Intelligence master program at UPSaclay.

Co-program chair of NeurIPS 2016 and co-general chair of NeurIPS 2017. [what the press says]; Now member of NeurIPS board. AMIA and an ELLIS fellow and action editor at JMLR, CiML springer series editor, and BBVA award recipient.

President of ChaLearn

Bear Valley, California

501(c)(3) non-profit organizing challenges

Since 2003 machine learning challenge organizer. Using challenges as a means of directing research in domains including: causality, computer vision, automatic machine learning, and high energy physics.

ChaLearn collaborates with the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science (CDS) and the Codalab project .

We recently won a large EU grant to organize the 2 million Euro See.4C challenge with data from RTE. The winners have been announced.

Our current projects include the TrackML challenge, the AutoDL challenge and Learning to run a Power Network.

Serving on the board of JEDI.

We are starting a new ANR Artificial Intelligence Chaire

April 2020: AutoDL challenge design and results (NAS workshop @ ICLR 2020) [SLIDES] ( Talk in Google drive good resolution OR [Youtube part I] [Youtube part II] ). A SERIES sponsored by ChaLearn, Google, 4Paradigm. We participated to the Jean Zay grand challenge (1000 GPU super-computer).

National Academy of Sciences

March 2019: Sackler Coloquium of the Science of Deep Learning. A presentation of the work done in collaboration with RTE France to help predict the flow of electricity in the French power grid.

Academie des Sciences

November 2018: La Science Hors Murs. I was invited to talk about my journey as challenge organizer and how to organize contests of contests.


The invention of SVMs

(the story)